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Sahco collection 2020: Echoes

The world in which we live is not just made of the here and now. As we see, feel and listen to our environment we are also strongly affected by memories – feelings that add many rich layers of experience and emotion and allow us to build up our own particular view of the world. These echoes of days gone by were central to the inspiration for the 2020 Sahco collection.

As they travelled around the globe, Design Director Anna Vilhelmine Ebbesen and Art Director Vincent Van Duysen allowed elements of the past to combine with a vision of the future creating textiles that convey the rich patina of history viewed through the lens of the modern world in which we live.

Haven – a handknit rug

Hand-knit from pure New Zealand wool, Haven references he joyful aesthetic and meticulous construction of an antique Chinese money bag. Handcrafted by artisans in India, Haven’s specially developed yarns bring visual and textural irregularity to the fore. Balanced by earthy neutral and refined tones, Haven exudes a sense of delicate equilibrium


Jaali by Doshi Levien

Jaali is an architectural woollen upholstery textile designed by Doshi Levien, which fuses pattern and texture to intriguing effect. Viewed from close-up, it reveals a fine net-like grid of hexagonal shapes. However, when seen from a distance, this pattern takes on the expression of a textured structure.


Alfredo Häberli

The Argentine-Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli gets his inspiration and ideas from everyday life. He collects themes that may have potential, and a product must materialise in just three to five sentences in order for the idea to be clear and applicable.⁠

Re-wool, a recycled upholstery textile

Made from 45% recycled wool, we present Re-wool – a sustainable upholstery by Margrethe Odgaard made partly from scraps from our own production.

The making of a rug, from Paris to Nepal

Come with us when we visit Studio Bouroullec in Paris and our weaving factory in Nepal to see the Semis rug come to life.

Giulio Ridolfo presents his world of colours

We talked to Italian designer Giulio Ridolfo on the use of colours in his textile collections for Kvadrat.