Pieces Fifty

The Pieces series comprises three characterful rugs – Twenty, Thirty and Fifty – created with an intriguingly novel approach. Each offers an individual combination of Harvest, Zenit and Kelim. Exceptional skills are required to merge these classic qualities into a single rug. Reflecting this, the Pieces rugs are meticulously hand crafted using a traditional method called oriental stitching. All rugs in the Pieces series highlight the defining characteristics of the contrasting techniques they bring together. In doing so, they unite different expressions and play with texture, pile heights and depth of colour.

Production method Hand knotted, 275,000 Tibetan knots/m² and hand woven
Classification 21, Residential areas with light traffic and 31, Contract environments with light traffic
Cleaning and care Professional cleaning
Produced in India
Classification 21, Residential areas with light traffic and 31, Contract environments with light traffic

A steel tumbler with rubber studs rolls freely in a rotating drum and wears the surface of the test samples inside of the drum. After 5.000 and 20.000 turns the sample is examined and rated by five inspectors based on the changes in its surface structure and colour.

Rugs that meet the minimum requirements of the test are rated from 21 (worst) to 23 (best) for residential use and 31 (worst) to 33 (best) for residential and commercial use.

Fire tests Cfl-s1

There are differing requirements concerning the flame-retardancy of textiles dependent on the area of application, country or even region. Our textiles pass the majority of international standards and are also tested for a selection of regional requirements.

  • Produced in: India
  • Hand knotted, 275,000 Tibetan knots/m² and hand woven
  • Slight colour differences may occur Irregularities may occur as a result of the hand knotted and hand woven process Rug underlay recommended Round or odd shape not possible Rug pieces hand crafted using oriental stitching Length of fringes can vary by +/- 1 cm (½")
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Production time: 14 – 17 weeks


Colours, materials and textures are not only part of our sensual world - they also have a profound, subliminal effect on our moods and the atmosphere of a room. Transform the cold surfaces and add a sense of warmth into your living space by introducing fabrics that are as soft to the touch as they are pleasing to the eye. Experience our textiles and rugs by clicking the buttons in the visualisation tool below.

Care instructions rugs

Regular cleaning is important in order to keep the rug looking its best and to prolong its life. Dust and dirt wear down the rug and also reduce its fire-retardant properties.

  • Stain removal

    Remove stains immediately. Place a clean, wet cotton cloth and leave it on the stain until it has absorbed it. If needed, dab the stain by working from the edge of the stain inwards. Do not rub to remove the stain. Bamboo viscose Do not walk on or rub a wet bamboo viscose rug, as this will damage the structure of the yarn. It will take a few days for a bamboo rug to fully dry. Silk rugs Every stain, including plain water, should only be treated with soda water. Vinegar or tap water should never be used. We always recommend professional cleaning of the rug when necessary.

  • Regular care

    Kvadrat rugs are made with care to last. To make sure your rug maintains its vitality and character over a long lifetime, it helps to take good care of it. We recommend vacuum cleaning your rug at least once a week using a vacuum cleaner set to medium power without applying a brush. Always vacuum in the direction of the pile. Please also rotate the rug frequently to prevent wear and fading in the same place. Ideally, the humidity in the room where the rug is located should be around 50%. If humidity falls below 40%, we recommend spraying your rug with water to avoid the yarn to become dry and brittle.