Remix Screen

Remix Screen is a lighter version of the acclaimed textile Remix, which is specially developed for wall panels, desk screens and similar applications. Like Remix, it is designed by Giulio Ridolfo. Remix Screen comes in 16 elegant colourways created matching the palette of Remix 3. Inspired by an extensive study of traditional Indigo dyeing undertaken by Giulio Ridolfo on his travels, these comprise subtle neutrals and natural notes, as well as bolder blue and orange hues. Suitable for contract use, Remix Screen is very durable and has a long life span. It is ideal for architects and designers who seek to configure interiors into different spaces with panels, screens and room-dividing furniture.

Pilling 4 (ISO 1-5)
LightFastness {{site.selectedConfiguration.lightFastness}}
Sustainability Complies with EU ecolabel "The Flower"
Warranty 10 years
Produced in Unknown Country
Pilling 4 (ISO 1-5)

Pilling is the term used to indicate whether small balls of fibres, known as pills, form on the surface of the fabric due to wear.  

It is evaluated on a scale from 5 (best) to 1 (worst).

LightFastness {{site.selectedConfiguration.lightFastness}}

Lightfastness relates to the ability of a textile to retain its colour under light. When testing for lightfastness, samples are exposed to artificial daylight for a specified period.

The evaluation scale ranges from 1 (worst) to 8 (best). An increase of one point corresponds to a doubling of the lightfastness, i.e. the same fading takes twice as long.

Fire tests AS/NZS 3837, class 2 • ASTM E84 Class A • BS 476 part 7 + 6 adhered • DIN 4102 B1 adhered

There are differing requirements concerning the flame-retardancy of textiles dependent on the area of application, country or even region. Our textiles pass the majority of international standards and are also tested for a selection of regional requirements.

Fastness to rubbing {{site.selectedConfiguration.fastnessToRubbing}}

The term for determining the resistance of the textile’s colour to rubbing off and staining other materials. A distinction is made between wet and dry rubbing. 

It is evaluated on a scale from 5 (best) to 1 (worst).

Seam slippage 9.4 mm (warp), 4.4 mm (weft)
  • Fire resistant
  • EU Ecolabel
  • Cleaning and care:
    gDo not wash
    BDo not bleach
    CDo not tumble dry
    IIron at medium temperature (max. 150°C)
    DProfessional dry cleaning with tetrachloroethylene, normal process
  • Sustainability: Complies with EU ecolabel "The Flower"
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Screen fabric
  • Colour difference: Slight differences may occur
  • Meters per roll: 31 m


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